CNN Hero of the Year ‘Mother Robin’ warns that GMOs may cause widespread umbilical cord deformities

by Mike Adams, NaturalNews

Ibu Robin Lim is a world-renowned gentle-birth midwife, and the creator of theBumi Sehat Birth Clinicin Bali ( There, Lim offers guidance and midwifery services that result in the birth of over600 babies each year.

Known as “Mother Robin,” she was granted CNN’s coveted “Hero of the Year” award on December 27, 2011 ( After granting her the award, CNN wrote “This is the fifth year that CNN, with the help of entertainers and other celebrities, have honored everyday people changing the world.”

You can now likely expect CNN to desperately try to revoke that award, because Ibu Robin Lim is reportedly beginning to raise questions about GMOs that the hoax (mainstream) media doesn’t want you to consider. Specifically, “Mother Robin” is now reportedly seeinga huge increase in umbilical cord deformitiesthat she believes may be caused by GMOs, according to text attributed to her.

This text letter, which has been re-posted on numerous websites, including theBirth Of A New Earthblog (…), contains the following urgent warnings:

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