Ab Wheel with Spring

Most everyone who’s studied it knows that lying on the floor doing situps and stomach crunches is horrible for your back. I quit doing situps and stomach crunches on the floor years ago. I now do crunches on my bed, but that often feels like cheating. When this ab wheel was offered for review, I figured I’d give it a try and see if this would be a better option.

25abe64fbd3783ebba1a709dccffce6a98825761Wow. It’s extremely painful. In a good way, but still painful. I had no idea how difficult it would be to do just a few reps with one of these the first time around. This is definitely a solution for situps from the floor.

With an ab wheel, you get into a pushup position with your knees down. Then you use the wheel to roll forward and then pull yourself back up. Most of the work getting back up is in your abs. Changing the position of your knees a bit (pushing them out) changes which muscles do the work in the same way that moving your hands during pushups changes muscles doing the pushing. So crunches can be accomplished by stretching further forward and not coming up as high on the return. Difficult to do, but very targeted and definitely a workout. You’re now using your entire body from the knees forward as weight against which your stomach muscles must pull to to counter.

Really effective. You’ll find this particular ab wheel on Amazon. It has a spring to help with the stretch so you don’t go too far and it’s small and easy to store.

Note: I received this item at deep discount in exchange for an honest review.

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