First Year Soft Cloth Baby Books #clothbabybooks

I got these for a friend and her baby. We had similar books for our girls when they were tiny too and they are awesome. Babies love books they can grasp, play with, etc. and parents like knowing their kids can play with these books, whack themselves in the face, and not worry about it.

1a9abb13358cac67ce9d1c4682ee9b8a7aa1ad1cHere’s the description:
Discover a Fun way for your Baby to learn while you spend Precious Bonding time together The Power of Sensory Experiences – A Babies Earliest Learning Happens Through Their Senses – Touch, Hearing, Sight, Taste and Smell – Playing Stimulates your Babies Senses, and helps them to Learn Main Benefit/Feature – Our Soft Cloth Books are aimed at Enhancing Early Child Development and Allowing Important Bonding and Interaction Between Mother/Father and Baby as you read the Books together. – Our Soft Books Feature Farm Animals, Zoo Animals And ABC’s in Wonderful Colors and also includes a Squeak Toy Our Soft Cloth Books come in a 3 Pack so you have Variety – No Loose Pieces For Your Baby to Pull off – Very Good Stitching Will Not Come Apart – Washable Without fading 100% – 4.5 x 4.5 x 1 Inches.

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Note: I received this product at deep discount in exchange for an honest review.

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