Herb Scissors from Marky Products

I am about to prove to you that I am a serious kitchen gadget nerd. I’ve tried a lot of them, though, and rarely do I find one that is actually useful as a daily tool instead of that “once in a while” thing you usually get. This one solves a problem that actually exists regularly. And it’s the second pair of herb scissors I’ve owned. The other pair mysteriously disappeared in the divorce.. hmm…

880da141e34e168d0bc24ea796bdd5e617e62ce3Anyway, these are highly useful things. They chop up just about anything that you can cut with scissors. Obviously you can use them on fresh or dried (but uncut) herbs. I also use them on green onions, regular onions (that have been cut, but not yet minced), bell and other peppers, and more. Really awesome and so easy to clean when you’re done!

Love these things and highly recommend them. They’re on Amazon here.

Note: I received this item at deep discount in exchange for an honest review.

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