Spritz n Wipe toilet paper moisturizer

On paper (haha), this was probably a great idea. In practice, it’s less than perfect.

1b80f58dbed1066334a4eca8b5a82eaa6bc41d28The idea is pretty simple. If you’ve seen those machines in the supermarket that let you put a small container of soap into them and then wave your hand under to dispense enough to wash your hands or a couple of dishes, you know what this is. I have one of those at my kitchen sink and it’s awesomely useful. This works the same way, except with the Spriz ‘n Wipe, you’re spraying a liquid moisturizer onto toilet paper to make the paper softer.

Except instead of spritzing it, like it should, this dispenser works just like the soap dispensers on your sink. It sends it out in a stream. Which inevitably means that your TP just got soaked in only one spot and that spot will quickly, shall we say, “rub through.” Not good.

So the idea was sound, but the execution is not. The solution would be to either go with a thicker moisturizer (more lotion-like) or change the spray nozzle here to be a mist instead of a stream. I’d go with the latter.

As it is, I now have a backup soap dispenser instead.

Note: I received this item at deep discount in exchange for an honest review.

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