Tooth Fairy Pillow

My girls are getting to the ages where they’re going to start losing teeth and getting visits from the tooth fairy. They’re pretty hyped about it. So I thought it would be cool to have this pillow so that they can have a place to put their teeth when they lose them. You know. To be ready. :)

fab4aa97dbff0ea3986eda46c35817915de9ac19Each pillow measures 8″ tall x 6.5″ wide and is 1″ thick. Handmade in Canada by professionals. Quality fabric and stitching, safe and clean material, healthy for your little girl or boy. You’ll sleep well knowing this pillow can be trusted near your child…

High quality fabric ensures the pillow outlast your child and can be passed down to younger siblings. Fluffy stuffing is soft against skin and gives these pillows a light bed time feel. Durable stitching and quality care have gone into each pillow so your child receives a gift that is nothing but the best as they have the unforgettable experience of losing their first tooth…

Make it easy for the tooth fairy to find the pillow so she never misses a single molar. Remember, this pillow is an investment – the tooth fairy will want to visit more often as your children become more excited about loosing their teeth!

Find one on Amazon at this link. There are several designs to choose from

Note: I received this item at deep discount in exchange for an honest review.

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