Willow & Everett Pour-over Coffee Filter

Most of you who know me know that I prefer a French press to make coffee. I have a little morning ritual I go through: put the kettle on, hand grind beans, and set up the French press. It’s kind of my thing. Well, on those mornings when I just can’t wait for the first cup, I grind a few extra and put them in this stainless steel pour-over filter.

93c6ba31f79131135d480c28f246db018db64dc5I’d used these years ago at my in-laws’ house and thought it was OK, but theirs required a paper filter. I thought it wasteful for just one cup of coffee. When I saw this one, which doesn’t require filters, I was intrigued and got it. So glad I did!

This is a stainless steel fine filter that’s ready to go as-is. Just put in the grounds and pour the water over it. It sits on top of your mug and forces the water through the coffee in a cone shape before dripping it into your cup. Takes about two minutes (give or take) to make a cup once the water is ready and grounds are in. Filling the filter with water won’t cause it to go past the catch pan at the bottom when dribbling and one of these full is about a cup and a half of water, give or take. So you can figure your mug’s needs from there. A standard coffee mug is about 1 and 1/2 of these total. My larger stainless steel mugs are about two of these.

Great to have and well worth it. Easy to clean too. Get one here.

Note: I received this item at deep discount in exchange for an honest review.

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