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Steig’s method massacred
Filed Under: Al Gore, Environmental News on February 18, 2011

from Bishop-Hill Ryan O’Donnell has posted a splendid pictorial guide to the oddities of Eric Steig’s method for creating trends in the Arctic. If you have been one of the people not following the story too well so far, here’s a little layman’s version of the posting, which assumes no prior knowledge. I hope this helps. … […]

Intergovernmental Panel on Economics
Filed Under: Al Gore, Green Politics on February 18, 2011

from Bishop-Hill Ross McKitrick has posted up a paper he wrote ahead of the Lisbon conference on reconciliation among climatologists. It’s quite short, but quite pointed. I liked this bit. Suppose the International Monetary Fund (IMF) created a […]

Audit Shows Plug-in Tax Credit Fraud Rampant
Filed Under:, Green Politics on February 17, 2011

In brief: An audit by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration shows approximately $33 million in false claims for plug-in tax credits. The word The Inspector’s report shows that at least 12,920 taxpayers claimed about $33 millio […]

The Newest Dangerous Sweetener to Hit Your Food Shelves…
Filed Under: Health Issues on February 16, 2011

by Dr. Mercola Since 2002 an artificial sweetener called neotame has been approved for use in food and drink products around the world, although so far its use appears to be very limited. Neotame is a chemical derivative of aspartame, and judging by […]

Keep Food Legal
Filed Under: Organic Gardening, Susatainable Living on February 15, 2011

The Agitator Agitator pal Baylen Linnekin has started a much-needed new organization called Keep Food Legal. The group’s aim: KFL will advocate in favor of abolishing all food-related subsidies. Government subsidies distort prices and demand, caus […]

“Unscientific” is secret code for anyone who opposes GMOs or pesticides
Filed Under: Green Politics, on February 15, 2011

by Mike Adams, NaturalNews Watch out for the word “unscientific” in propaganda that’s pushing GMOs, pesticides or other dangerous chemicals onto our world. In a joint letter to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, three Republican members of […]

What’s That You’re Putting in Your Tank?
Filed Under: Environmental News, Green Politics, green automotive technology on February 14, 2011

by Sheila Karpf, Environmental Working Group The government’s decision to allow sale of gasoline blended with up to 15 percent ethanol, so-called E15 gasoline, means that one of these days we’ll likely be pulling into gas stations that could have […]